Mirror Mirror On the Wall

By Joanna Jones
Those mirrors. Oh, how I love seeing myself especially at the stores, malls or anywhere else they may be. You know I sometimes look at these magic windows and wonder who is the reflection that I see. I wish as my wife and I are out and about doing our thing, there were walls of mirrors at every corner. See...... when I know I am looking hot in what I am wearing out in public it's still hard to truly visualize myself without the reflections of the mirrors. Ask my wife. She is always rolling her eyes when I see a mirror and I just have to walk over to it and see myself. It is still truly amazing to me on how I look. This is really about how it is possible to look completely like someone else but feel like you are the same "boy" person. I can look at my pictures all day and still not believe it is me in those photos. When you do this in real time with the mirrors it's so mind boggling.

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