Mom's Red Lipstick

By Daphne Thomas

I'm Daphne Donata Thomas

Please just call me Daphne

I am a straight, married cross dresser.

My dearest wife is supportive.

This all started with a passion for pantyhose and nylons! I tried on my Mom's nylons as a boy and I was hooked! I also liked to try on Mom's red lipstick --- gee was it hard to remove! Much later in life I started dressing enfemme as a way to further the wearing pantyhose experience. I once described myself as a female impersonator with a fetish for nylons.

I am totally fascinated by women and things feminine i.e. a femmiphile if you will. You could say that women hold a certain power over me. Much like the native tribes wore skins and parts of the animals they hunted and admired to take on some of their power, I wear the clothes and the other feminine things to somewhat enter that women's world.

The real magical moment was the first time I did the full makeup and then placed upon my head that crowning glory of hair! There she was looking straight back at me into my gaze! Just on the other side of the looking glass! (prior to that I was some kind of clown.)

My male discovery of my femme self can be summed up by the lyrics of a song by the group the Zombies (with some small tweaks):

Well no one told me about her the way she lied

Well no one told me about her how many times I cried

But it's too late to say you're sorry

How would I know why should I care

Please don't bother tryin' to find her

She's not there

Well let me tell you 'bout the way she looked

The way she'd act and the colour of her hair

Her voice was soft and cool

Her eyes were clear and bright

But she's not there!

Sometimes I think about how lucky I am to be able to indulge in this alternative self, yet on the other hand it is also a selfish indulgence. Daphne takes and enjoys the fun part of being feminine and experiences none of the trials and woes that can beset a woman. My wife once was asked about her support of Daphne at a transgender convention. To paraphrase her, she explained that she could not deny me the same fun and experiences she had getting all dressed up!

Oh yes, another thing about me is I HATE body hair! Why, I do not know. The only place for hair is on top of the head where the goddess intended it to be.

I'm also very inclined to cry during sad or happy movies much to my wife's amusement. ( I've only seen my wife cry a very few times. She claims she doesn't al all.)

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