My Adult Transformation

By Lauren Smith
Anyway when I was a teen I had long hair. It was the sixties. So one day after washing my hair in the kitchen sink my mother says my hair is looking unruly. She asks me to sit by the kitchen table in a high chair and then brings over a basket of large plastic curlers that she uses for my older sisters hair. I have seen her do this to my sister hundreds of times so I obediently start handing her the curlers from the basket.

After she puts many in my hair and clips them all in she puts a pink hairnet on my and ties it in place. Then some stiff hair spray. She then has my go into the basement where she has a large old metal hairdryer she bought from a beauty salon. After close to one hour, she has me back in the kitchen and starts taken out each roller. I diligently put them back in the required basket. She then spends a lot of time teasing my hair and brushing it. I can't see anything but after she is done she leads me into my sisters room and has me look in the mirror. I was so astonished because I looked just like a beautiful girl and that was without makeup. She laughed when she saw my face and said yes I do look like a girl. She later said next time we should also do your makeup. But I never did do it again. I was embarrassed at the feelings I had and wonder now if I should have confessed that I loved the whole process and the results....

I hope she would like the results of my adult transformation.

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