My Hair Bows

By Joanna Jones
How I love my hair bows. Always have. It's a girl thing. Does not make any difference at what age you are. It can look very cute on some girls. Young or old. Being a crossdresser it makes me feel more girly. I do get compliments when I am out and about. I suppose it makes me stand out from the crowd. I hate just blending in. Plus it subtracts many years off my real age. I would say 30% of the time I am wearing some kind of a bow or headband.

I probably have a collection of at least 60 or more. Never have counted them. I should lay them out and take a picture. Other girls have their collection of shoes. I have my bows.

My style of clothes varies greatly. Depending on where I am going. I am very comfortable in girly dresses down Vegas strip. The pictures you see on this website and Flickr represent who I am. Does not make any difference if I am heading out to a concert or just going to the corner store. I dress to impress not only myself but others around me too.

The 4-5 times that I went to church, I always have the hair bows and the girly dresses to match. A couple of years ago I went to one church that I was invited to come. I happen to be shopping at SAMs one day. A young girl about 16 asked me if I would come to their church. That next Sunday I did. All dressed up in a yellow dress with a white puffy blouse underneath and a white lace belt tied into a bow in the back. Those pictures are here on this website and Flickr . Anyway, the congregation all came over to introduce themselves to me. The teenager was there too that asked me to come. I did enjoyed myself.

I know my style of dress goes back to when I was a kid just getting into the cross dressing. Everything ribbons I just loved. If I had been a real girl I know that as a little girl I would have lived in nothing but dresses. No tomboy for me.

Which brings me back to hair bows. I guess I just can't get away from feeling like a cutie pie. Nice and sweet and looking so girly. So every time I get dressed I first look to see how I look with a hair accessory. 70% of the time I leave it off because it gives me a different look. But the other 30% of the time I get all giddy and delightful with glee.

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