My Mom's Discarded Clothes

By Kendra Gallager
I have been dressing up since before I was 11. Wearing clothes in secret that were discarded by my mom. Also on those rare opportunities when I was home alone I would dress up. I daydream of being a girl daily.

When I was in High School I bought a wig and was excited to wear it as I was a little closer to being a female. I read magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Elle to learn more about applying makeup and to learn more about being a female. I practiced putting make up on all thru High school. I had a job and was able to buy make up but had to be careful not to get caught. Also bought some panty hose, and wore them for the first time, what thrill that was. I bought some clothes from the Goodwill to improve my wardrobe.

I went off to college and married, but continued to dress up when I could. Throughout my life I continued to dress up whenever the opportunity allowed. Dressing up became more frequent later in life and soon I could not hide it any more from my current wife. We established a few ground rules. She supports me and helps with tips. She gives her opinion on what looks good on me and buys me clothes and make up as gifts. She points out clothes that she thinks would look good on me when we are out shopping. Whenever I look at my wife or other woman, it stirs a deep feeling in me, wishing I could have been a female too.

I like to dress up as often as possible, mainly on weekends as I still work, dressing up has a calming effect on me, I feel relaxed and happy as if this is where I belong. During the week I wear panties, bra and panty hose when at work. I use Mary Kay products for make up and lotions.

I started dressing up in the early 60s, had crossdressing been more acceptable back then as it is now, I would have progressed much further and faster and would have started using hormones and surgery at an early age. Now age, career and established family relationships limit what I can accomplish. I am grateful for what I can do and enjoy each and every opportunity to dress up as a woman and feel pretty.

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