No Longer Do I Allow Fear To Guide My Life

By Victoria Michelle Williams
I am a very nice woman who truly accepts who she is 100%! No longer do I allow fear to guide my life. I am also a business woman who works hard to build her business.

Over the years I have become a mentor to others with in our community and often I spend time on facebook answering messages from the younger crowed who are often looking for someone to communicate with. Often I spend countless hours being a mentor/role model of that person on the other end that listens to their problems. My goal is to always end a message thread with a resolution to what they are going through and often it is a worth while sacrifice.

I am also part of a local support group which allowed me to grow! More on the importance of support later!

The main reason for my success in the community is those who have mentored me. It is very important to have people who are on the journey ahead of you that have already been where your at to help guide you through the difficult times you will face on this road.

The next key I accepted myself first! Then before I could mentor or be a role model to others I had to learn to be mentored! A good leader in my book knows how to be a good follower.

Another key is knowing that you need to be part of a support group! Even if you don't attend every meeting it is important to be part of a group of common people no matter your life journey or even your life career! If your retired being with others is very important just to keep you going and living a longer life!

This key is very important and that is to find who you are! Many sites tell you how to be you! The best thing I learned was to use those very sites as guidelines. I learned that I held on to the traditions taught to me by my grandmother! One tradition she hammered home was no proper lady would leave home without hose and make up! Well I do my make up! and in the summer months hose is for business related errands or seminar/conferences. I've learned that we grow through our own personal experiences not those of others.

My mother taught me how to be either way! I know how to be a lady and what is expected of me as a lady. What you see in me is a hybrid of my two #1 first mentors R.I.P! My Grandmother and my Mother! I am my Mothers Daughter and my Grandmothers, Granddaughter.

The one thing I have learned on flickr since 2006, is that at times we place ourselves in anger boxes because people tend to not know who you are or assumed one thing about you based on your photos or profile. For me for years I had a profile that when I read it after being told about it! I saw I was very angry in it! So it was time to change it to let you read my mini bio. There is much more about me to the point this would be a 1 hour read :)

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