Old Cars and New Roads

By Ronnie K
Gender bender Ronnie meets Hudson, an older gentleman on a mission to find a certain vintage automobile – bearing his name. They find each other attractive and want to spend more time together.

Unfortunately the small town in Texas where they date is ultra-conservative and NOT LGBTQ-friendly.

A visit to the local church doesn’t go well when Ronnie attends a Sunday service with her new boyfriend. The religious community makes it clear they will not tolerate their presence. Activities behind the scenes are storm clouds gathering and threaten to ruin their chance for happiness.

The couple suffers public humiliation followed by an abusive home invasion. Hudson vows to stay the course, but Ronnie’s unable to cope.

Will their special relationship survive the onslaught?
Old Cars and New Roads: A Vintage and Bender Romance Kindle Edition

by Ronnie K (Author) Format: Kindle Edition
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