Railroaded Into Danger

By Ronnie K
Ron meets Egin, a government agent, hot on the trail of criminals stealing from local museums. The spy asks Ron to become Ronnie, his gender-bending persona, and go undercover to infiltrate the illegal operation.

A national train museum is the target, with the gang dressed as prohibition-era Capone-types. Their boss, a huge brute, is a fan of he/she’s like Ron/Ronnie.

The sting involves a film crew doing a documentary about 1930s and 40s trains. Ronnie for the first time in public wears a dress, portraying an Englishwoman in the Royal Air Force, and assistant to General Eisenhower – on his actual train within the museum. Flirty scenes with WW2 reenactors help her ease into the project.

The next act has Ronnie as the mobster’s girlfriend, dressed in vintage skirt and top. The Director has them using an authentic Pullman car, with the henchmen all decked out in period suits. Ronnie and Big Al end up going beyond their spying and crime-making roles into romance. It is then her real mission is discovered, and she gets a free train ride to DANGER!

Will she be rescued?
Railroaded into Danger: A Spy and Bender Adventure Kindle Edition

by Ronnie K (Author) Format: Kindle Edition
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