By Tiffany Tyler
Joan passed the parcel and he felt a pull to his insides. "Anything nice?" 'Yes, the most delightful pair of nude patent 5" heels. I've just bought a pair of fishnet tights in town to go with them so I'm close to exploding' was in his head but "Oh just some bits for my bike" was what came out. "Well you be careful out there David". "Thanks Joan" his grab was a little too keen as he took it. "Just need the loo before I go home" he added unnecessarily. Behind a door Lauren watched him hurry round the corner.

The toilet at work was the least likely location for such a magical moment. He tore at the 'discreet' plastic outer to reveal the most beautiful box. Black with purple swirls, a large "Pleaser" written on the front. A tiny shudder as he lifted the lid, he picked up one of the perfect purple bags and reverently took out his prize. EVE 02 Pleaser Pink Label 5 Inch Heel. It felt charmed in his hand, a beauty wand. But as he admired its form, a wave of disappointment hit him.

He checked his phone. Bollocks. Cream! I wanted nude patent. He'd already screwed up the size in his impatient haste and now he'd reordered the wrong colour. It was his mistake as well. Can't send them back again, I'll look a right numpty. They were still lovely things mind, even without the patent gloss.

He took off his shoes, socks and trousers, tore the tights out of their packet, pulled them on familiarly, then slid his foot slowly into Eve 02. As his toes slipped to a stop and his heel elevated he felt his whole body take on another state. He pulled his tummy in and his back arched, he felt his chest and bum push outwards and his calf muscles stretch.
He looked in the mirror, his legs now lightning rods of femininity. He felt the first flush of transformation. Brief and unsatisfactory but better than nothing. He took a couple of pictures trying to angle out as much pipework and grab rail as possible then swiftly took everything off again. No they weren't what he'd wanted but they were precious all the same and he knew he would love them. He got dressed, pushed the box as far as it would go into his bag and threw in the tights. He only had to make it as far as his work locker round the corner.

As he opened the door, there standing right in his face, was Lauren. His shock turned to encroaching fear. "What's in the bag?" she asked. He swallowed hard " Oh, just bike bits". Calmly trying to bring up the lines he'd rehearsed in his head. Lauren looked at David sceptically, almost mocking. "I saw you in town" The flush of red in his cheeks getting hotter, he fought hard, "Oh I didn't see you" no good, she was in full detective mode. "I saw you buying tights in the market. And I saw you looking at dresses in that charity shop" his brain floundered, gripped now "Oh yeah, I was trying to find something for my wife" trying to be offhand, so unconvincing "From a charity shop? cheapskate. Let's see then". She had him cornered. Lauren playfully went to grab his bag but he pulled it away, clenching his whole other identity tightly by the strap. As he swung, the top of the rucksack opened and a ball of just worn tights flew from the top and bounced, pom, pom, pom to a stop. He froze as his pack gaped open to reveal the label 'Pleaser 13 US 10 UK'. Lauren looked at him knowingly. "Blimey, your wife's feet have grown since I last met her". He was reeling now, sick, the game pretty much up. He gave up any thoughts of feeble defence, and considered the reaction. He could see the shock of even the most tolerant of colleagues, hear the whispers and sniggers of the rest. The fact it would get home...oh god.

He must have looked beaten as Lauren's tone became quizzical. "Do you dress up in all this then?" He didn't reply, didn't need to. She had the power and was enjoying herself, but not in a cruel way. She'd worked out the mystery, closed the case and was now fascinated. "How does it work then? Do you just prance about in tights and heels in front of the mirror?" He felt he needed to leap to Tiffany's defence. "It's not like that" He wanted to explain but couldn't. "You got any pictures?" "Oh, no" he lied. "Come on! everyone takes pictures of themselves" she teased. It was strange, he was ok with how Tiffany looked and loved sharing pictures online but the prospect of exposing her in real life felt like a betrayal. But he couldn't explain so he'd just have to show her. He clicked on his Flickr app to choose the best shot, but she grabbed the phone and started scrolling wide eyed. She mouthed a 'Wow'.

"Oh my god David! This is you?" Lauren seemed stunned but, he sensed, not completely horrified. He shrugged. "Yup". She flicked through the pictures of Tiffany. "Oh my're unrecognisable" til now he thought...."Wow, good legs!" Even in the depth of his dispair he took the compliment, "Oh my god, those tits!"

She scrolled down now as well as across. Her eyes got wider as she read the comments, a playful smile "Oh my god that bloke totally wants to fuck you!" Again another shrug, yup. "Ooh she sounds fun.....Wow she's pretty!" Lauren was transfixed. "Oh my god you big fucking tease!" Ah yes, that one, he blushed, mildly encouraged that she'd neither burst into laughter or recoiled in disgust. Still the fact remained though, his secret was up and all he could now think about was the crushing anguish that was about to meet him.

Maybe she sensed this as she glanced at him. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone". Relief flooded his body then halted as she added "On one condition"

"Go on"

"I want to meet her".

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