M'Lady Got Her Ascot
By Ronnie K
Ron is asked to gender-bend in an avant-garde play in Austin. Bored with books, movies and games he lucks and out meets a professor involved with local theater...

Railroaded Into Danger
By Ronnie K
Ron meets Egin, a government agent, hot on the trail of criminals stealing from local museums. The spy asks Ron to become Ronnie, his gender-bending persona, and go undercover to infiltrate the illegal operation...
Fins and Fireplaces
By Ronnie K
Ron becomes Ronnie, a gender-bending fetish-loving romantic. Door County is the perfect proving ground to show off her new persona. Cozy and familiar surroundings allow the trans-wannabe (and possibly straight to gay on occasion) to wear outfits designed to attract...
Old Cars and New Roads
By Ronnie K
Gender bender Ronnie meets Hudson, an older gentleman on a mission to find a certain vintage automobile – bearing his name. They find each other attractive and want to spend more time together...
Black Lagoon and Blackmail
By Ronnie K
Ron is approached by Jarvis, a 20-something author working on a screenplay for a take-off on the classic movie ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’. He asks Ron to become Ronnie, gender bending to fill the role of the female in the story...

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