By Jamie Rhodes
I've been attracted to satin, silky, lacy women's clothes since I was a small boy. I remember sneaking in to my babysitters daughters drawers while I was supposed to be napping and slipping on her lace panties and frilly slips, I loved the feel of the nylon on my body.

As a teen I started collecting panties and stockings, I would wear them to bed and pleasure myself to sleep. My cross dressing desires elevated when I was assigned a job that took me out of town one day a week, it was at time that I started buying women's clothes and shoes. My dressing was limited because of my family life, there just wasn't that much free time.

When the kids went away to college, my desires to dress as a women became greater. In my alone time, I would dress in bra/panties, garter belt and stockings. As time went on I had the desire to become more feminine, I started wearing wigs, I tried lip stick and then came the makeup. I'm now trying to perfect my makeovers, the concealers, the foundation, the eye shadow, the bronzer's and the eyelashes. I think I'm getting better at feminizing myself although there are limitations but I do love to admire myself as a women.

I am an amateur photograph and love to photograph myself when I dress as Jamie. I hope you enjoy my photo's and share your kind comments.



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