Name:  Suzy Whyte

I'm Suzy a 50 year old TV/CD, who enjoys dressing up in sexy lingerie and clothes. When I dress I try to look as convincing as possible, best view is from the back, front needs more work!! I have long shapely legs (so I've been told) and love showing them off.

I have managed some dressing recently, it meant I spent time as Suzy while working from home. It’s been fun being on calls and no one knowing it’s Suzy at the other end.

I have ‘come out’ to my other half, which (as you can imagine) didn’t go down well, and things have been awkward since. We’re still together, and trying to work things out. Suzy isn’t going to disappear, but opportunities will be fewer.. hopefully things will improve soon.

Height 6'2 in stocking feet

Eyes - blue

Hair colour - blonde, brunette or redhead, depending on mood!!

size - lower half 12-14, top half 16-18 depending on outfit

legs - long (35 inches) and slender (I hope!!)

slim to medium build


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