Tawni Katherine Bonds
A girl never tells
Mostly Los Angeles, California, USA
Blond – sometimes red or auburn
39 – 28 - 36
More than I would like to admit – thank goodness for corsets!
Shoe Size
9 USA size
Music, photography, sensation
Favorite Food
Club Sandwich, Peanut Butter and Jelly
Favorite snack
Pop Corn
Favorite things about being a woman
Shoes, makeup, skirts, sleeveless tops, corsets & Jewelry
Age started Dressing at
age 6
Favorite kind of music
Texas Blues, 60-80’s R&R
Favorite thing to do
Be dressed hot and tight, and in bondage
What’s Your Dream?:
To be a real woman, about 23 years old, very hot and sexy and still have my current brain and experiences. And to be healthy and live forever. And to have a wonderfully generous, kind and loving partner. And a dog. I love dogs. And world peace. And no disease anywhere.
If You Could Change One Thing About Your Life
Please see the first sentence above under dream.
What would you like to do for me?:
Oh Darling, almost anything at all!

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