The Girl in the Mirror
Part 1

By Melanie
Raider of The Lost Ark

My mother was a dress maker and her creativity is something that I share though I don’t have the skill to make dresses. I grew up in a small two bedroom house with little room, mum kept a dress makers dummy and a large trunk in my room with a padded red velvet top.. I remember it perfectly to this day. Inside she kept all her materials , buttons, sequins fastenings etc.

As a six year old I was thrilled at all these wonderful things first the buttons which I imagined to be medals because some were golden and shiny. I’m not even really sure why but the soft materials felt nice to touch more so than any boy things and for whatever reason they appealed to me too.

One day I was rummaging through and certain material passed my finger tips and as it did it electrified me.. my heart skipped for sure.
I decided to have a closer inspection.
I pulled on the material but it continued to unfold...
I then realised I was holding a pair of my mother’s nylon tights,

Shaking and my heart pounding I stretched them out and held them for closer inspection, the smooth yarns hit a magic button in me and I was enthralled how they might feel on me.. I stretched them over my hand putting it down one leg.. my heart racing even faster i was under a spell..
suddenly there was a noise downstairs and I was out of the trance in a shot, a split second past and the hosiery was back in the trunk most definitely not as neatly placed as I had found it.

The lid was shut like some lost Ark and it’s powers reduced to just thoughts in my head.

There would be a return.. there would have to be.

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