The Great Cover-Up!

By Joanna Jones
I have come across several people who post their pictures on Flickr with their face covered or with sunglasses. What I have to say to these people is somewhat standard. There is no way if you are in full makeup and wig that anyone is going to recognize you. Whether it is out in public or on
places like Flickr. The goal is to look as much like a girl as possible. If you can accomplish that, then the general public may still see the guy in you, but I just don’t see how anyone could assume you were a person that they knew.

I go out all the time as Joanna. In my area, I suppose there are several thousands of people who know me in boy mode. They may not know my name, but they have been in contact with me one way or another because of my businesses. Now when I am about the area, there is no way on the face of the planet, that someone could connect me to the guy they have seen thousands of times. I look so much different, that I can’t recognize myself either.

This is a progression for some girls. I have looked at perhaps 3,000 photo streams looking for pictures for my wow groups. I have come across some that block out the face in the earlier photos stream. Then one day they just blossomed out and took regular shots of themselves. These girls went on to become very good at their craft. I see potential in a lot of these girls. Especially when they have gorgeous looking lower body shots.

The face must look good too, but they just need more encouragement to finally show themselves to the public.

If there is anything I can help you with just ask.

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