The Thrill of Dressing

By Joanna Jones
The sexual thrill of dressing in opposite sex clothing is called Transvestic Fetishism. I currently occasionally masturbate while dressed. It use to be all the time when dressed up in girls clothes. That's what happens when you start young as I did at 9 years old. I had always associated it with my cross-dressing. But as I have gotten older, it is not as high on the list for the reason to dress. Being a complete women has other feelings that are just as good as masturbation.

In the old days, it was a sexual thrill. When I masturbate, the feelings went away immediately after climax. I often end up taking the clothes off right away. The feelings gradually came back though, usually within a couple of hours.

Now, however, if I occasionally "once in a blue moon" masturbate while dressed, I have no desire to take off the clothes. In fact I feel more girlish. I am ready to head out the door again. Except it does make me tired:>). Over the years it has changed from a sexual fetish to feeling really good about myself as a women.

I have considered going on HRT down the road. It is really to try and get the effects of what this does to your body in trying to pass as a girl. I have no desire to change surgically into a woman, but would like all of the benefits that come from taking HRT pills in the shaping of my body into more of a girl.

HRT will lessen and change the sex drive. I have read about others who have been happy after HRT. They tend to lose the sexualized side effect and end up just being in a comfortable position. On the other hand, I've read of others who have really regretted it. They liked the sexual component and realized it was a large factor in why it felt good to be a girl. It unintended killed their fantasy.

But I have the feeling, the other side benefits might outweigh the masturbation that in my early days was so important to me.

I would love to hear from others who have taken this step to improve their bodies with HRT when it comes to the arousal that was so important to you at one time.

Take my poll and let's see where our group stands regarding the masturbation aspect of cross-dressing. There are many that have never been down this road. My guess is they started late in dressing. If you started as I did years ago, the sexual thrill was a large component I am guessing.

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