The Adventures of Helen Atherton

By Helen Atherton
Becoming Helen back in Oct 2014 was one of the biggest eye opening events of my life and this is the first part of my story where I share my lessons of what works for me and what I found not to repeat. Experiences of delight and pain since then.

So how did Helen start well it started from sexual fetish for nylon in particular tights or pantyhose for our non UK friends. I had alsorts of naughty fun in nylon.

A turn of events in my life happened. In March 2014 I moved away from my wife (am still married to this day) for work and found my independence and time to indulge in my fantasy.

I took advantage of buying a couple of outfits and with click and collect. I was in possession of my first outfits. It felt incredibly naughty and yes I was just a guy in a dress. Not very feminine at all.
I got a cheap wig and it simply looked awful and immediately got binned.

I shaved my legs for the first time and it felt amazing I slipped on some hold ups which made me feel sexy. I met a Tgirl that evening who was kind enough to give me a wig and black dress.

This wig as ok but I looked in to mirror all dressed and wig (no make up) and I looked like my mum. I love my mum but this wasn't the image I wanted.

The following day came and to my horror my legs were on fire and red. Yes, razor rash and it lasted a week or so.

I learnt that hair removal cream (Nair) maybe a better option. And this along with moisturiser worked much better than the blade.

I met with another Tgirl called Dee Mac who has become one of best friends and someone who helped me become the woman I am today.
Dee recommended a new wig and to try doing make up

So I took the plunge and decided to get a make up lesson and a proper wig. I had never bought make up before let alone put in on. I definitely needed a lesson.
I was lucky enough to live near Bolton and Dee Selecta's. This place was well known in the community and is on TVChix. And offered make up lessons not just make overs so I booked one.

Two hours of expert tution by the then owner Dee (different Dee) was an amazing experience and learnt a lot in particular on application.
Once I was made over it was time to select a wig and I tried a variety of colours and style until I found the one. So with my new purchased outfit and shoes, I was Helen.

First time as Helen with a smile
Faux Pearls, Green top (George), Black mini skirt (ebay), Black silk like clutch (ebay), Gloss black hold ups (F&F) and Gold platform heels (ebay)
This was the first step and it felt amazing!

Helen Atherton

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