Time For An Update

By Traci Loren
A lot of water has gone under the bridge since my last update 12 months ago. For me personally I have sadly stacked on some weight which doesn’t fit the illusion I so much wish to create, but in saying that have improved my makeup application and I am told that I look very womanly in appearance. I suppose that is up to others to decide.
So what is new??? Well I have ventured out a few more times including shopping in fem at a supermarket and several large recycle shops, I recycled several bags of clothing some I didn’t really like but only found out when I got home to wear them or to small for my expanding frame.

I have also been blessed with some beautiful female friends who support me, even buying me makeup, a hand bag and other fem things. This alone made me bloom with love for these ladies as without their emotional support at times would make the World so much harder.

My family has grown with my oldest son and wife having another son who had some difficulty breathing. When the baby was in the intensive care I needed to drop off some clothing on the same night I was heading to a Carrosel meeting. They said I looked nice on the night and said at some point they wanted their sons to know about Traci. I was also surprised when (and I still do no how it happened) but posted briefly a photo on my other FB page which resulted in my daughter in law contacting letting me know and was quickly removed. I called her and thanked her apologising at the same time as she hadn’t seen me dressed before and her Husband has never been overly nice about Traci in the past. I was truly amazed as she was supportive and said it was no big deal and almost part of the norm for her generation???

Moving on. My wife of getting closer to 40 years hasn’t also embraced my dressing but has tolerated it at best. I recently got my wife to watch Heidi Phoxx video of her and her wife watching girly movies together a couple of days after that video on youtube my wife sat down together and followed their lead. I retired after 46 year of nursing having gone back to work for six months when staffing was bad, it is worse now by the way and left in November last year. My wife who is also a nurse after working in a dementia unit for 15 years decided at nearly 60 she would also retire.

So what has changed? First I said that before she retired she was aware I was dressing more when she was working. I informed her when she retired that I had to dress to relax and rather than belittling me, agreed. She then went and visited my son interstate for 5 weeks were unfortunately she caught Covid (four months later is still breathless), I have been lucky to date and haven’t had Covid. In her absence I took the opportunity to dress nearly every day and loved the days. It is also the time I went to a supermarket shopping. One thing that struck me is most people are wrapped up in their own little world to worry about me walking around in public.

To the present day.... life throws curved balls at times and my health has gone south. I have been told I will need heart bypass surgery in the next couple of months, Diabetes type II joined hypertension and high Cholesterol which although not on my plans for the future intend to overcome the best I can. I have relaxed many evenings in fem as a way of distraction which my wife has tolerated with support and helping me to avoid being stressed about my impending surgery.

In finishing, I enjoy my fem side and only regret is I never embraced it more when I was younger. I have accumulated 1000’s of photos and have over 100 dresses and at least 60 pairs of heels, boots etc, and think I now have mastered the makeup application at last, something GG girls for the most part take for granted, and currently feel I am in a Happy Place.

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