Transforming Myself Into A Woman

By Christina Cassidy
Transforming Myself Into A Woman
By Christina Cassidy
My name is Christina Cassidy. I'm a 29 yr old Transvestite.

I love nothing more than transforming myself into a woman and exploring my feminine side. I feel so happy when I can look into the mirror and see a glamorous girl smiling back. Dressing allows me to explore the ultra feminine aspects of my personality and be more sensitive. I also feel its easier to express myself emotionally when en femme.I have bright blue eyes, I'm 5'10 without heels and have chocolate brown long hair. I am average build and smooth all over. I am currently single and live by myself which allows me to dress up whenever I wish.

These pink panda socks made me smile hehe!! Donut Worry, Be Happy!
I've just finished painting my nails and now getting myself ready for a relaxing weekend of being En Femme & Fabulous lol. Here is a brand new photo of me from the last time I dressed up!!
Do you like my fabulous new necklace or is it too much? I thought it would jazz up my little black dress hehe. I feel very happy right now & I'm soo looking forward to a relaxing, fun day.
I've just ordered myself this dress from @ASOS. Got it in the January sale! I can't wait for it to arrive!!
I started crossdressing from a young age (6 or 7), beginning with high heels and then moving on to tights, dresses then the full works. I can recall my parents told me that I shouldn't be dressing up as a girl and strutting around in stilettos so I therefore had to dress up in secret for many long years. At 16 I began ordering woman’s clothing online when my parents where away on holiday and I would spend that short precious time home alone dressed up as Christina. I hated having to live a secret and hiding my clothes. I also lived in denial for a very long time until one day, as I stared in the mirror at myself in full make-up, dress, wig and killer heels that I finally accepted myself. If you can't love yourself, then how the hell are you gonna love somebody else! I moved out to a place of my own in 2014 and I have been so happy ever since :) I am now able to be my true self in a comfortable environment and continue my fabulous journey as Christina.

Check out my fabulous new handbag from @ALDO_Shoes. Isn't it so cute? And I have just the perfect shoes to go with it! I've just ordered another beautiful handbag from @ALDO_Shoes. I seen it pop up online & just couldn't help myself, I just had to have it! The crazy colour combination is what makes it unique I feel.
I simply adore shoes! I currently have over 25 pairs of heels in my wardrobe! I can't control myself when I see a cute pair online, I simply have to buy them! Forget diamonds, shoes are a girls best friend! I also love womans clothing in general, there is just so many options to choose from when making up an outfit and I enjoy accessorising. My wardrobe is slowly growing and being overtake by cute outfits.

I discovered these absolutely gorgeous heels from my page-a-day shoe calendar and just had to share them. I am not usually a fan of sandals but these are soo stunning! I wish I owned these! (Rose Gold Napa Cage Sandals from Nour Jensen)
I'm on TvChix to chat to and make new friends. I would also not rule out the possibility of forming a romantic relationship but it would have to be with someone very special as I am so picky. I believe having someone in my life who accepts my crossdressing would lead me to true happiness. At the moment I consider my dressing up to be deeply personal and special to me so I don't want to rush into anything I may regret. I am always happy to chat to like minded people so feel free to send me a message and I will try my best to get back in touch.

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