Name:  Veronica Mendes
Location: Southern California USA.
The 5-cent tour of Veronica:

* I'm Veronica Mendes from Sunny southern California in the USA.

* I'm a Crossdresser who's mostly in-the-closet.

* I have been dressing since I was about 5 years old. "Thanks Mom."  (See my blog for the story behind this. Link below)

* I am heterosexual male...In other words, I'm not a gay man.

* I am happily-married to a lovely and understanding woman who knows all about Toni and encourages me in every way possible.

* We have two beautiful princesses

* I have Facebook as my primary hang:

* Then I visit my Flickr page:

* I have a blog I'm developing:  http://www.missveronicamendes.

Now for the bonus material offered with the $19.95 version:

I'm a CD. That's short for cross dresser. Yup, I'm a t-girl. I'm a heterosexual male who has enjoyed wearing female clothing since I was about 5 years old.

I'm married to a phenomenal woman who knows about this side of me and has even been the main reason for my development into Veronica.

Usually the first question is:  "Why?" There is no single or definitive answer to that question. But I'm brainstorming some items for my blog to try to answer those questions as they refer to me and me alone.

For now, I pray you enjoy my efforts and feel free to ask me any question. Just keep in mind I'm a straight male and have no interest in other men other than for a chivalrous and gentlemanly online friendship.

Veronica's Thoughts:

What draws us to want to wear clothing of the opposite sex? Now there's the Million-Dollar question!

I could not fathom sex with another male (eek) nor could I imagine having a surgery to remove my manhood. I can't imagine not being a husband and lover to my wife and a daddy to my two little princesses. Yet, after a near 30-year struggle with my identity and emotions and coming to accept who and what I am, I cannot imagine my life without the possibility of occasionally becoming Toni, either fully or in part. I owe an incredible thank you to my T-sisters for the knowledge and inspiration I have drawn from their experiences and stories.

It was only a few years ago in 1996 that my first femme alterego, Toni Richards, did not even exist. All I ever did was hide and dress up with the constant fear of being caught. Veronica now occupies the part of my life that used to be only a cloud of desires, emotions, confusion and fear. I'm purposely keeping out my inner struggles between my TG issues and my Catholic faith, because that is an entirely different and MUCH larger can of worms.

My new-found strength, motivation and inspiration have allowed that aforementioned maelstrom to manifest itself and blossom into Veronica. She is the face of my lifelong struggles with gender identity.

I have come to realize that I am not alone. There are others with similar, if not identical, situations and feelings as my own. I hope to be able to someday inspire a sister, the way I have been inspired by other T-Sisters on the web. I would love to hear from sisters who look up to me and tell me they drew inspiration from my story and profile.

Thank you.


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