Volunteers Needed
For Writers From Our Community.

I also welcome wives, girlfriends or significant others to give
us stories from their perspective too.

Suggestions for submittal.

1. Essay: Stories about a personal experience or an opinion that is related to our world of TG or CD life.  It could be around one subject and your views.

2. How-To: These pieces contain steps, ways, or tips that help our community do something specific.  It could be makeup suggestions, wardrobe selections, body shaping, anything that would help each person gather helpful hints at honing their craft.

3. Question and Answer: You could pose your questions and I provide the answers received on special comment sections.  I could add voting to topics too with results.  Your friends page could have its own links on top of the header.  Expand into your own multiple tabs type of page.

4. Personality Profile: This type of article revolves around a person’s TG or CD  life and accomplishments. Based on an interview, you provide an in-depth look at her life, including early beginnings, significant life events, accomplishments, quirks, faults, character, and strengths.

5. Trend: Our community is always changing for the better.   Writings about these directions with helpful current insight into what you feel is beneficial to us.

6. Lifestyle: These articles focus on a lifestyle issue, such as health, relationships, or recreation, and can include interviews as well as statistics.

7. Shorts: This is a where you can create a story around our way of life that would be intriguing to the reader. 

SEND to stories.crossdressingfun@gmail.com

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