We Were All Female

By Joanna Jones
This really great video explains why some of us feel like a woman inside. Some were born into the wrong body. We have a certain amount of female still in us. Some have higher levels than others. Never developing fully into the male traditional mold.

So guys, next time you are in the shower, explore your skin under your penis to your asshole. Feel that skin and flap? Well that was your pussy. Everyone had one at one time. Ours fused together once our male testosterone kicked in after 7-8 weeks.

Some of us are born with a complete set of both sex parts. The parents of these babies usually are given the choice of what sex they want their baby to be. The doctors do the rest. Some parents do not have this operation done. The boy grows up with both working sex parts.

So next time your wife or girlfriend does not understand how we can feel or act like a women, try and educate them to better realize we are not so far apart from them after all.

Click on the You Tube Video below.

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